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Aegon Power

Aegon ACSA26 - Heavy-Duty 26mm Chain Saw Attachment for Side pack Brush Cutter

Aegon ACSA26 - Heavy-Duty 26mm Chain Saw Attachment for Side pack Brush Cutter

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The AEGON Heavy-Duty 26mm Chain Saw Attachment for Sidepack Brush Cutter is a versatile tool designed for agricultural, gardening, and farming applications. Constructed with high-quality hardened steel and a durable plastic tank, this attachment is built to withstand heavy-duty usage without compromising on performance.

This chain saw attachment is specially designed to effortlessly cut through branches and thick vegetation, making it an essential tool for maintenance tasks. Its reliable construction ensures a maintenance-free experience, providing long-lasting durability and dependability.

The package includes 1 x Chain Saw Attachment, allowing you to easily and seamlessly attach it to your existing sidepack brush cutter. With this attachment, you can efficiently tackle pruning and trimming tasks, enhancing your productivity and achieving excellent results.

Upgrade your agricultural, gardening, or farming equipment with the AEGON Heavy-Duty 26mm Chain Saw Attachment and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your tasks.



Generic Name Chain Saw Attachment
Model ‎Aegon ACSA26
Manufacturer/Packer Aegon Power Tools, Opcommerce Online Pvt Ltd, Khasra, No 553, 436/1, A-Block, Sabhapur Extension, Delhi, 110094
Importer Aegon Power Tools, Opcommerce Online Pvt Ltd, Khasra, No 553, 436/1, A-Block, Sabhapur Extension, Delhi, 110094
Country of origin India
Net Quantity 1.00 count
Included Components 1 x 26 MM Chain Saw Attachment
Item Weight 1 kg 400 g
Product Dimensions ‎‎30 x 15 x 15 cm
Customer Care Details +91 8095999377, sales@aegonpower.com
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